“What are you not talking about Willis?”

Who are you telling about what you do?

So your starting a new business venture or hustle! Congratulations!

You feel awesome!

Unstoppable even!

You tell your mom, dad, brother,sister,wife, and friends! And then someone in your immediate circle buys from you or uses your service!

Your seeing some progress right?

Then it hits you! A week or two goes by and you convince one more person in your circle to buy from you!

Then another two weeks go by!

Now no one in your circle is picking up the phone anymore for fear you might ask them to buy something! So now your ready to quit because “this doesn’t work” or “nobody wants to pay for this”!

Your kinda right and kinda wrong!

What’s happened is you’ve exhausted your current customer base! You’ve gone through all your current prospects who know about you and what you have to offer.

Want the solution?

It’s your pipeline! Your not bringing in any new customers or your not attracting anyone who’s interested in you and your business. Without new customers or leads your business or hustle can quickly turn into an expensive hobby.

Want to prevent that from happening?

Then tell everyone about what you do! I mean everyone!

Anyone who will listen, tell em! The bartender, the barber, the chef, your friends friends! Literally anyone!

And tell everyone who won’t listen!

Your problem is attention not your product or service! You need attention in order to get people to order your product or use your service

How are you telling people about what you do???