Jesse Lipson is Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Services at Citrix. It’s a huge role — Lipson is one of just twelve executives on Citrix Systems’ management team — that includes overseeing ShareFile, the company’s document workflow technology, and Citrix Cloud, a control plane to manage all Citrix desktop, mobile, and app-based technologies.

“My main focus is helping Citrix transition from being a traditional software company to a Cloud business model,” says Lipson. “ShareFile is our largest Cloud service today, but over the next few years all of our products will be delivered as Cloud services. …

We’re less than one week away from the 2016 Innovators Program Raleigh finale! In this week’s Q&A feature, we’re getting to know the three internal innovation teams from Citrix who are developing new cloud, mobile, and workplace technologies.

RecapIt organizes audio, photos, and notes captured on a mobile device into structured projects for easy sharing across clients and collaborators. The team includes Ben Robbins, Tarun Goel, and Nicholas Madariaga.

MediFlow is a mobile app and cloud portal that provides a range of patient intake options for medical providers, resulting in more secure, timely and accurate patient information and communication. …

Liz Tracy is the Director of HQ Raleigh, a growing entrepreneurial workspace in downtown Raleigh. She is also the Lead Facilitator for the Raleigh Innovators Program, meeting with and coaching the ten teams each week. In her recent guest blog, Liz weighs in on why community is essential to the success of a startup accelerator program.

I have had the privilege to play a role in cultivating the startup community for the past four years in the Triangle. Building a trusted network of people that can support one another through the triumphs and difficulties of startup life has always been…

We’re officially halfway through the 2016 Innovators Program Raleigh! The three-month accelerator program, sponsored by Red Hat, Citrix, and HQ Raleigh, helps early-stage tech startups develop a go-to-market strategy, find customers, and prepare for their first round of funding.

In this week’s Q&A feature, we’re taking a closer look at two internal innovation teams from Red Hat. Both teams are focused on creating next-generation people programs for internal use.

The Red Hat Performance Management and Development team is working on a performance management process that focuses on associate development and is scalable for Red Hat’s future. …

Kameron Kales (left) and Chris Comrie (right), co-founders of Glance.

It’s officially been one month since the 2016 Innovators Program Raleigh kicked off! The three-month accelerator program, a partnership between Red Hat, Citrix, and HQ Raleigh, helps early-stage tech startups develop a go-to-market strategy, find customers, and prepare for their first round of funding. Teams also receive a $10K grant.

In this week’s Q&A feature, we’re taking a closer look at Glance, a text-messaged based job search platform founded by Chris Comrie and Kameron Kales. Students can be notified of part-time jobs via text message, and can send a one-word reply to easily apply for the role. …

Grant Hamm and Arick Morton, two Raleigh, NC-based serial entrepreneurs, have teamed up to tackle the $1 trillion health care real estate market with their latest startup, VisionLTC. The company is a geospatial market analytics platform for the senior housing, medical office, and health care industries. VisionLTC’s platform provides operators, owners, investors, lenders, developers and other industry stakeholders with critical market analytics to facilitate improved strategic decision making.

Arick Morton (left) and Grant Hamm (right), co-founders of VisionLTC.

The duo, along with Executive Co-Founders Steve Vick and Stephen Morton, hatched the idea in late 2014, began product development last fall, and are already focused on scaling and generating revenue —…

We’re a few weeks into the 2016 Innovators Program Raleigh, an accelerator program for early-stage, high-growth startups supported by Red Hat, Citrix, and HQ Raleigh. Each week, we’re featuring a Q&A with one of the teams in the three-month program. For this feature, we chatted with Zach Milburn, co-founder of Nebula, a modular, customizable workstation suite that he launched with his brother Geoff.

With Nebula, users have access to an adaptable, “pay-as-you-go” SaaS tool to manage their various business needs. Below, Zach tells us about their startup journey thus far, and where they hope to go after the Innovators Program.

Now that the 2016 Innovators Program Raleigh has officially kicked off, we’re taking a closer look at each of early-stage, high-growth startups embarking on the three-month journey. Our first feature in this Q&A series is with Sean from Malartu Funds, a Raleigh based online investment platform.

Malartu is on a mission to efficiently deliver capital, deal flow, and domain expertise from accredited investors to startups, VC’s, accelerators, and investment groups. Simply put, the company seeks to optimize the seed fundraising process for early-stage startups. The founding team includes Sean Steigerwald and Jon Spinney, both NC State alumni, as well as…

Innovators Program Raleigh announces ten startups selected for 2016 accelerator cohort

The Innovators Program, a three-month accelerator sponsored by Citrix Systems and Red Hat and supported by HQ Raleigh, announced today the ten early-stage, high-growth technology startups selected for its 2016 program.

Now entering its third year in Raleigh, the cohort-driven, mentor-assisted program will include five external startups, two internal innovation teams from Red Hat, and three internal teams from Citrix. This unique grouping combines entrepreneurial thinking with large-scale enterprise expertise and seeks to foster both new startups and corporate innovation.

In addition to a $10K grant, each team will…

Past Innovators Programs have kicked off with a two-day design thinking bootcamp, but this year, we wanted to dedicate even more time upfront to help our teams build a foundation of key skills that will benefit them throughout the accelerator. As such, we’re launching the 2016 Program with a 4-day Design Sprint.

The Design Sprint leverages the best parts of design thinking, lean startup, business strategy, startup best practices, and more. …

Innovators Program

Unique 12-week program in partnership with @HQRaleigh @Citrix & @RedHatNews that embraces #DesignThinking & #LeanStartup to help startups get to market.

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