Macnica Signs Distributor Agreement with Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz Technologies
Oct 10 · 3 min read

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Macnica Co., Ltd. (Japan), a total service / solution provider for semiconductors, networks, cyber security, and AI / IoT has signed an agency agreement with Israel Innoviz Technologies, Ltd (Israel).

The LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor has the advantages of both a camera and a radar, and is one of the most important devices for realizing safe driving as the eyes of an autonomous vehicle. Innoviz’s LiDAR, which Macnica will start selling, adopts solid-state technology, which is the mainstream for in-vehicle use, and realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the housing, providing it at a competitive price in the market. In terms of performance, it excels at high resolution, high sensitivity, and long-range detection, and achieves a frame rate of 25FPS. In addition, Innoviz will develop and provide object recognition software products to utilize the data collected by LiDAR.

There are two types of Innoviz LiDAR products: InnovizPro and InnovizOne. InnovizPro currently on sale is a product for the industrial market, but due to its high level of performance, it is also decided to adopt it for automated driving shuttle buses. InnovizOne, the next-generation product, is an automotive-grade LiDAR that has been adopted by a major vehicle manufacturer. Sample shipments are scheduled to begin in 2020, and mass production will begin in 2021.

With this agency agreement, Macnica will sell and provide a wide range of Innoviz LiDARs to domestic automobile and automotive parts manufacturers, construction machinery / agricultural machinery manufacturers, etc.

* Company names and product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of Macnica Co., Ltd. and each company.

About Innoviz Technologies, Ltd.
Innoviz is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software that brings vision to the automotive, drone, robotics, mapping and other industries. Innoviz’s offerings include InnovizOne, for automotive-grade applications, InnovizPro, which brings vision to various industries, and its perception software, designed to complement the hardware offerings with advanced AI and machine learning-based classification, detection and tracking features. Innoviz is backed by top-tier strategic partners and investors, including Magna International, Samsung, Aptiv, Magma Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures, SoftBank Ventures Asia, China Merchants Capital (SINO-BLR Industrial Investment Fund, L.P.), 360 Capital Partners, Glory Ventures, Naver, Shenzhen Capital Group, New Alliance Capital, Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services, Phoenix Insurance Company and others. For more information, visit

About Macnica
Since its establishment in 1972, Macnica has provided technological added value to cutting-edge semiconductors, electronic devices, networks, and cybersecurity products. In recent years, we have been developing new businesses in the fields of AI / IoT, autonomous driving, robots, etc. based on the sourcing and technical planning capabilities of the world’s most advanced technologies, which are our strengths. Going forward, we will create the social value and contribute to the development of the future society by connecting the cutting-edge technology and the intelligence of Macnica with the slogan of “Co.Tomorrowing” to provide unique services / solutions. . Our company is headquartered in Yokohama and is developing global business based on 80 locations in 23 countries around the world. For details, see the website (

Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software that enable the mass-production of autonomous vehicles.

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