5 Ways Your Technology Can Excite You

Your technology can be exciting.

We both know that you need technology to run your business.

It needn’t be a necessary evil, it can be a real force in your business, helping you achieve all your dreams and, yes, even excite the non technical in you.

Why not embrace Cloud computing and get real benefits for you, your employees and your business?

Here are my 5 ways that Cloud technology can excite you:

1 — Level playing field

Traditional IT gives advantages to those businesses that have the deepest pockets. Being able to afford developers, the latest equipment, more software licences instantly put them at an advantage over smaller businesses. Cloud computing has negated that technical unfairness at a stroke. Most cloud services are priced at a low monthly cost, Google Apps for Work is £3.30 per month, per person. Compare that to the traditional cost of over £300 for one copy of Microsoft Office and you can instantly see a benefit. Low costs mean you can afford to think bigger, knowing that your teams will get the best technology without cost compromise. How much more competitive would that make you?

2 — Confidence

Contrary to popular myth, storing your (and your customer’s) data in the cloud is much more secure than storing it on computers in your office. No matter how diligent you are, if your office is burgled, or you suffer a flood, or power cut, you have lost access to that data. Or possibly lost the data altogether. With the data held at your providers multi million pound data centres, you know your data is safe. Their security prevent all but the most ridiculously persistent attack and backups ensure your data will still be accessible, even then. Natural disasters are no problem, as your data is shared across locations, even if you specify EU only storage. Even if you are clumsy enough to break your computer, you can borrow a colleague’s and be back up and running in seconds, with no loss of data or functionality. How important is security to your business?

3 — Efficiency / Productivity

As well as your data is available from anywhere with an internet connection (or offline if enabled), Google Apps allows live real time team working. No more emailing documents around, hoping everyone has the latest version, or waiting for everyone to finish working on them before you add data. You share the document with your team and you all work on it at the same time. You even get a pretty flag to show who’s working on what, when and what they’ve changed. How much quicker would your work get done if you didn’t have to wait for files to be updated?

4 — Mobility

As you get the same functionality regardless of the device you use, you no longer have to lug that heavy laptop around if you don’t want to. Take your tablet or smartphone instead and do all of your work one handed (if you are standing up on a packed commuter train, or want to be flash!). Speaking of commuting, thanks to Google Hangouts being included in the apps package, you can forget the rush hour and host video calls, audio calls, or just instant chat messages from the one app to everyone in your team. How much better would your team work if everyone was relaxed or available from wherever they chose?

5 — Save money

Yes, technology seems expensive. Yes, investment in technology is always going to be necessary. No, spending more doesn’t mean better anymore.

Cloud technology uses the power of the internet to get your work done. What does this mean in terms of your money?

Without the need for heavy, bloated operating systems, or massive applications filled with features you don’t need, the computers you buy don’t have to be so expensive. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes run Google’s bespoke, web based operating system and applications. The computers, therefore, are lighter and cheaper. But their build quality don’t suffer and using the internet for the heavy lifting means they last longer. They also don’t get bogged down with all the updates that you so love to receive. Less software being shoved onto the computer means it works more efficiently for longer. This means you don’t have to think of replacing computers or software every 3 years. Coupled with only paying £3.30 per person, per month, for the full cloud productivity suite means you save a ridiculous amount of money. It also means you can scale up, or down, as your business and team grows or shrinks.


What’s the catch? There honestly isn’t one. I really, truly, believe that if you’re a small business owner who is looking for the best technology, that will help your business grow and drive forwards, then Cloud computing is the only way to go.

These 5 points outline a general shift in the way businesses can and should work.

Technology should work for you, not you for it.

If this article has you excited, then why not tell me? Email me at paul.goggin@innovo-it.com and let’s turn that excitement level up!

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time.


Paul Goggin is Managing Director of Innovo Consulting Ltd. A Kent, England based, IT consultant, specialising in helping small businesses be more efficient, more mobile and save money with cloud technology.