Newly upgraded Innovo® CMS 50F PLUS Wrist Pulse Oximeter. Comes with a dramatically improved Innovo® SnugFit probe that will greatly enhance your experience with the CMS 50F. The Bluetooth function frees up the only USB port on the wrist watch and allows you to record your SpO2 and pulse rate in real time.

The Innovo® Snugfit probe contains next generational LED light and sensor capable of measuring SpO2 and Pulse Rate (PR) at low blood perfusion with extreme precision. It is also made up of infrared absorbing material which absorbs ambient infra-red 97% better than the previous Contec probe. The absorption reduces background interference and increase signal to noise ratio.

The tensile strength has been increased slightly to ensure a tighter fit to the finger during prolong use without restricting blood flow. The probe is now made of silicon instead of latex to ensure a comfortable and hypoallergenic experience for the user. These improvements easily make the Innovo ® SnugFit a much more reliable and superior choice compared to the previous Contec probe medical equipment.

Comes with a vastly upgraded Innovo® SnugFit probe that can measure your SpO2 and pulse rate with extreme precision. It also contains a built in auditory and visual alarm that will warn you if your SpO2 is beyond set limits. The CMS 50F has the ability to store 24 hours of data, which can be uploaded to a computer for analysis if one wishes. This is extremely helpful to pilots who want to monitor their SpO2 level and pulse rate during flight or sleep. Superior 256K color OLED screen with rotational display allows you to see the readings clearly and conveniently. The device charges when connected to a computer or to the power supply via the provided power adaptor.

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