The Sahara Microservices Framework for Multi-Tenancy on Azure

I’ve been working for many years on a simple to deploy solution for startups to build multi-tenant systems on Azure. It was important that it includes a UI and was easy to evolve from an MVP to a final product. In the latest version I migrated from a monolithic approach to a microservices one. This article will outline some of the benefits to this approach.

It’s easy to evolve a feature in isolation

Separating each piece of business logic into it’s own microservice makes the entire system exponentially less brittle. You can evolve a feature within an entity scope in isolation. …

by Kazimir Dugandzic

I built Galaxy Cloud CMS to be schema free and adaptable to almost any scenario. It gives content managers the flexibility to craft the properties that make their data unique with powerful capabilities for searching, browsing and sharing. The back end uses a combination of SLQ, Document Data, Flat Tables and Search to deliver on maximum speed and utility.

In this article I will focus on item properties and how they deliver search capabilities such as facets, swatches and mapping.

In future articles I will dive into image format management, schema isolation, multiple tenants and a variety…


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