I am thankful for Cassia,

She showed me how to be strong. How to be amazing. She is an inspiration. It would be amazing to embody some of her characteristics of fortitude, strength, resilience, optimism, charisma, and positive yet strong energy. I love her.

I am thankful for Brittany, Elizabeth, and Andra,

They are so very open-hearted, embracing, kind, and helpful. They are accepting of others. And they offer their genuine advice and help if you just ask for it. So thank you, girls. And thank you, God, if there is one, for embracing me with your light. for opening my eyes to new things. and making me want to be a better version of myself.

Thank you Hanna,

For being open and honest with me. For genuinely giving me advices that I needed to hear. I will move out and things just line up the way it’s supposed to be. And it all works out. And I got involved and went into a flow-state. I love myself right now. I love who I am. I love what I do. I love everything. I am happy. Genuinely happy. And I was not stuck in my head after that meeting. I came back looking at people’s accepting them, appreciating their presence. I was giving out positive vibes, energy, and power to other people. I was empowered through this process.

“Yeah, yeah, I have another catering deal.” “So yeah, I went to school for mechanical engineering, for a year and I didn’t like it so I switched to Tourism and Events.” “because I liked planning those events” “Then I finished school and went to culinary management school for 2 years in George Brown.” “Yeah I worked 2 jobs I was an English teacher.” “Yeah we want to buy a house here, so we were looking Pickering, Ajax.” “That’s far” “Yeah,……” “Oh he’s here?” “Yeah, he works in Toronto.” “

“There is this guru that I follow”

“I meditate every day morning and night.” “Since when?” “When I was very young. Maybe 3 but on and off. And I have a kid. She’s 12. She’s going to high school next year, but she wants to go here in Toronto. When I was 16. My partner isn’t the father. He adopted her.”

“I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in Christian God or Buddhist God, but I believe in God and that things will always work out for me. You have to be positive, and I believe that good things are there waiting for me.”

“And whatever you’re going through, you come out of it and you’re that much stronger.”

“And you gotta power through it man, and when you come out you come out strong.”

“Check if you are on a scale of A-C. Where are you? And identify what you need. Do I need more sleep? Do I need to talk to someone? Do I need to have someone to hear me out?”

“If you’re coming down to AB-B’s give yourself something that brings you back up.”

“And don’t be afraid to come in and just crash here for a few minutes, or if you need a space to meditate just let me know I’ll grab a space for you. Don’t worry.”

“I’m a positive person and I’ll do anything for anyone. I recommended people that I worked with previously to other jobs and I’ll do anything for anyone.”

“Gratitude. Being thankful for what I have compared to other people who have less.”

“And affirmation, they’re really helpful. I just go ‘You can do this’ ‘No, you can do this.’ ‘I’m going to have an amazing day’” “And I move. When I’m stuck, I move or dance, and it gets me out of my zone.”

“I’m a mover.”

“I’m really grateful for all of you guys. Thank you.”

“Thanks Hanna.”

“And when it happens, just let it happen.”

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