Treat others the same way you were treated by Cassia and Greg.

They treated you like a person regardless of your job, of your whatever status or title or salary you have over others, of your mistakes, of your strengths, they treated everyone the same way. With respect, equanimity, and listening to them. Does not matter who you engage with. Listen to them. Treat them the same way as you would Jesus. Treat people with respect, regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation, level of perceived intelligence, degree of knowledge, or how they themselves treat others. Even if they spit on you, treat them with respect. Even if they stab you, treat them with respect. Even if they kill you, wish them well. Emulate what you received. What you were blessed to receive from Cassia and Greg. Emulate it. Treat everyone with the respect, equality, and acceptance despite your mistakes, moods, and shortfalls, and whatever slip of the tongue you had. I can’t say love and accept those who hurt you, so I’m gonna say this, “forgive them.” and forgive them quickly. They are people. We all make mistakes. That’s okay, and forget it.


You are a great dude. First off, thank you for being you and awesome. Thank you, first, for being patient and understanding. Those two things are a virtue hard to find in people regardless of age, level of intelligence or wisdom. You truly possess those virtues and I was blessed to learn from you. I learned so much and dealt with some internal problems just by having you treat me unassumingly, equally, and fairly with much respect — thank you. I am writing this now so I don’t forget how I want to sound. Nonetheless you know the pith of it all always resonates with me.

Secondly, I learned how not to take life so seriously despite the circumstances, and god forbid, it humbles me to see people who go through alot or have been through alot not only you but also Cassia, or Mohsen or pretty much anyone out there . Everyone has their own share of battles as you say.

Lastly, I’m just writing this so I don’t forget and I thought you should be rightfully appreciated for the things you consciously do on behalf of others. Just want to say you are a great dude, an awesome staff on pretty much every level. And you already know you’re extremely witty, which I’m jealous of, quick & smart, and hilarious

And, thank you, for being a good friend. I think I needed to say that.

But yeah, really, thank you.