When you are lost

Tune in to yourself. Turn inside. Listen. To the truth. To what you’ve been afraid to hear. It’s not that scary. It passes away. But you do not know that yet, because you haven’t done it. It’s like working. It may look to you as if it is impossible, too great of a challenge. A task you may not be equipped to solve. But it is. It was done. And it can be done. Patience and persistency is the key. Work patiently and persistently to listen. You are to observe it. And it will pass away. There is nothing in life that is permanent and ever-lasting. Life itself is not permanent. This is the truth — everything dies. Everything goes away. Don’t panic. Don’t beat yourself down. That moment passes away too! And you will laugh at yourself after. Every moment passes away. But there is something. There is always a voice deep inside that tells you where to go, if you simply listen. You don’t hear it with sheer force, you don’t hear it with intelligence; you hear it with acceptance and courage, and an understanding that everything passes away.

Where it bleeds, it will start to heal. It does pass away. Nothing in life is permanent.

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