The Journey

I always try to shy away from writing, but I guess I’m breaking the jinx today. Smiles. It’s a good habit to write, especially your experiences, you would even get to learn from them again,. So I heard anyways.

So I finished from secondary school thinking I was going to study medicine in the university, most science students “normal” dream then. But as expected(not by me anyways) I found myself in another field when I got to the university.

This was what happened: I had just finished secondary school, written jamb earlier that same year, only for my mum n I to be informed that there was a program organized by Lasu (Lasu foundation), it was a year program. Passing their exams meant automatic admission into 200level studying the course picked during the foundation program.

I was ecstatic, though it was expensive I jumped at it. When I got to the point of registration I was then told that medicine wasn’t included, choi I was devastated. But then I made up my mind not to let the opportunity pass me by so I opted for another course, I chose computer science..

Lol! What was my reason? My uncle had a cyber Cafe, I was familiar with computers and I used them frequently. So I thought to myself, why not?! I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what studying computer science meant, I just concluded that if it had something to do with computers I would be alright.

Fast forward to 8years(I feel old) after this decision, I’m a Web developer with some skillsets under my belt(geez what do I know, lol). Very few of my mates are actually doing something related to the “computer science” as their jobs(as expected again), but here I am doing what I had hoped I would get to do: “Something with computers”…