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a little explanation about Mandarin
Mandarin is the first exchange of cruptocurrency with joint management. It is divided into 1,000,000 tokens-iris. 100% of the profits are distributed among all token holders, anyone who wants to get their own pieces. The main decision is made by holders of more than 10 tokens using voting and smart-contracts systems. Enter new currency into exchange, expansion of function, modify existing installation, including how deposit will be done by voting among token holder. Top investors who have more than 1% token have access to the admin panel and expanded statistics for more details can go directly to his wesite

How can we conquer the market
In the first 3 months trading commission was 0%, the next three months 0.05%, after that 0.1%. There will also be reward programs that are loyal to traders with small and medium hand.
which certainly hopes to enter major markets such as POLONIEX, BITTREX, KRAKEN, and other markets.

Crypto Mandarin Investment
 There are many resources that you can find online to help you out when you start an online business. You should do some research so your efforts will be rewarded when the right time comes. Being an entrepreneur is the best way to achieve your dreams quickly.
 As mentioned earlier, a business site is one of the keys essential to success. There is an extreme competition between online businesspeople so you should be prepared for it. Try to identify market needs and find solutions to those needs.

If you are not too familiar with the exchange market, it is advisable to start with minimal capital first. The goal if one step, the loss suffered is not too big. Another goal is for the learning process. You need to get used to it.
 several types of altcoin to divide the risk. Having lots of stocks has a smaller risk of loss than buying just one type of stock. If one stock goes down, it is likely that another stock may go up.
 You need to know how to analyze stock to determine the decision to sell or buy shares. There are two common ways of analysis, namely Technical Analysis, and Technical Analysis.

Mandarin investment is one of the activities that human beings have to do in order to keep their assets in the community and continue to grow. There are many types of investments that can be done by a person. Such as forex investment, binary, gambling, ethereum investment, gold bullion investment, and others. Among the above list of investments certainly confuse novice investors. Which type of investment is more profitable, safe and reliable
 Actually you should not be confused in choosing an investment. There are several things that need to be done in investing, among others: make sure the investment product proves to be profitable, tested investments pay the investors with the profits given, secured investment investment is taken on the courage to bear the risks and needs of these investors and so forth.

Roadmap for Mandarin

Receiving a deposit from

Campaign Bounty Mandarin
Duration: 6 weeks.
The Bounty Common Pool is available with 50,000 Mandarin tokens.
Bounty Translation — 10,000 tokens Twitter — 5000 tokens Mandarin
Facebook — 5000 tokens Mandarin
A campaign to collect signatures and the Avatar Bitcointalk — 12 500 counters Mandarin
Subscribe to email alerts — 2500 Mandarin tokens
Subscribe to Telegram — 2500 tokens Mandarin
Error — 2500 tokens Mandarin
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