Story of my platter

Most preferred but hard to find ones, most rejected but essential ones and the soul-mate ones., proteins-fats-carbs. This is the story of my platter. 
 Oats, egg whites fall under the most healthy but boring and tasteless category. So here’s a tasty, healthy, colourful, easy and desi* recipe to enjoy and play these boring ingredients!!


· 4eggs

· bowl of oats

· half bowl of finely chopped carrots

· finely diced onion

· leaf cody

· mustard seeds

· brown breads


· Roast the oats without oil in a pan on low heat while we are busy playing with eggs and vegetables.

· Add a tea spoon mustard seeds and a few leaf cody in pan with two table spoons of cooking oil (I prefer canola oil)

· when mustard seeds and leafs leave their flavour in the pan add your vegetables.

· Fry them on low-high fire as soon as the onions start to get golden, add roasted oats, add about one and half glass of water (I added water more than usual recipes keeping in mind oats soak water)

· cook them for ten to fifteen minutes on low-high fire.

· On the other burner take the egg whites( you can add full eggs too PS.if you need some extra fats) cook the scrambled eggs well.

Serve these vegetable oats and eggs with bread and salad and with pudina chutney (mint dip), to beat the heat.

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