A social podcast player is in the works and we want your feedback.

Mar 18, 2015 · 1 min read

I was really excited to read about Emily White’s desire for a more social podcast player in her recent article. Not only because I share that desire but because my co-founder and I wanted it so bad that we set out to build it.

Podcasts are thriving — there’s so many new networks popping up. Gimlet, Nerdist Industries, Radiotopia, the list goes on. But the problem with podcasts right now is that they’re hard to discover. It’s a one-dimensional media and a one-way communication.

With Tung we’re setting out to change that. Tung will be the first social podcast player with a feed of your friend’s podcast recommendations, clips and comments. Share clips of podcasts to your social network of choice. Make a time-stamped comment in an episode. We’re going for the whole kit-and-kaboodle social experience here.

The other side of it is that we want to allow podcasters to give their audiences more. They will be able to customize a button in the player, as well as run fundraising campaigns and show off incentives. More about that here.

Tung is currently in beta. You can participate by signing up here.

    Jamie Perkins

    Written by

    Dreamer and schemer, designer turned developer. Building Pod.fan, membership for podcasts!

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