Sentimental Value of Goldfish Crackers

In the commercial, “Goldfish on a School Day,” it shows a mother goldfish picking up her daughter goldfish from the bus stop, listening to her talk about her day and see how fast her daughter is growing up. This commercial definitely portrays the emotional appeal of need to nurture with a unique selling proposition and is very effective at selling the goldfish product.

The ad applies the elements of need to nurture because it shows caring for the small/defenseless and places sentimental value on the product. We see the characteristic of caring for the small/defenseless because the mother goldfish picks her daughter up from the bus stop to make sure she’s safe and can walk home with her daughter. More importantly though, the sentimental feeling that the product is trying to promote is evident through the way the commercial ends, “Mom smiles at her little girl, who’s growing up so fast. Goldfish crackers, the snack that smiles back.” This sentimental feeling makes ad effective because you relate the time with your kids while they’re still young to goldfish crackers. You want to take care of them while you can and the commercials gives goldfish as the way to do that.

The ads target audience is mainly women, specifically everyday moms, due to the feelings the commercial gives which are that of closeness and love when talking about the daughters day. This ad reaches the demographic because it plays on feelings almost every mom has towards their kids which is, wanting them to stay little and need them forever. In the ad goldfish crackers are depicted as a product that could possibly help moms keep their little ones little for a long time. The everyday mom, who is a goldfish in this commercial, is depicted as caring and thoughtful about her kids and those are characteristics all moms aspire to have. All in all the ad targets the everyday mom well with the techniques it uses.

Even though I’m not a mom and don’t plan on being one soon the commercial still made me want to buy goldfish because of the feelings it gave. Overall, seeing this commercial was an effective piece of marketing for a product and probably was successful at increasing sales on goldfish crackers.

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