Deference between English and Japanese edition though the content is the same

A Week Later from Starting Medium.

Over a week passed since I published my first story on Medium. I will share results of my experiment that compared English edition(EN) with Japanese edition(JP).

First of all, let me show the experiment condition in a week which were;

  • Sharing with the same content including title,
  • Sharing these stories at the same time,
  • Not sharing on my other SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and
  • Not including a link connected between EN and JP.

Then, the shocking result is below. The first row is EN and second one is JP.

Comparison of views between English and Japanese on 14th February 2017.

To be honest, I did not anticipate this kind of result that readers of EN was quite fewer than my expectation, and that of JP was fortunately quite more.

Here is my questions and thoughts why it is different between EN and JP even though I published the completely same content at the same time.

1. Why were numbers of readers viewed EN only eight in one week?

a. Writing skill in English

Actually, I am not sure of my writing skill in English. I could not have any review of EN by others. Therefore, there may be many mistakes on EN.

Additionally, I felt that writing skill is required on Medium compared to other SNS. UI design of Medium leads readers to easily focus on the sentence and writer’s intention. Then, my poor writing in English may have obstructed their comfortable reading.

b. Numbers of users

Medium has a bunch of users. There are 30 million unique monthly readers on Medium in the following post.

Of course, I had understood my story is a small stone thrown into the ocean. I believe that the only action I can do is to keep writing a story by using Medium’s features such us following users and recommending/responding each story.

c. Famous authors and publications

On Medium, you can see many famous authors such as politicians, CEOs, athletes, editors. Then, top of publications may affect to other stories on own profile page. The following page shows you Medium top authors and publications.

I assume that readers mainly view stories published by famous writer or as one of publications according to their interests on top page on Medium rather than each story only on profile page. This user experiences is similar to reading own favorite magazines. Almost users on Medium may be more passive than I have thought.

c. Interests of users

It seems that almost users in English has already focused on each interest rather than Medium itself. The following article said that top 3 tags on Medium are #politics, #sports, and #trump.

On the other hands, EN had #Medium, #Social Media, #Facebook, #Writing, and #UX. Therefore, EN may not be able to reach them due to the gap between EN and popular tags which English users follow.

2. Why did numbers of readers increase on JP?

a. Recommendation by Medium Japan

I assume that most of the Japanese users on Medium follow Medium Japan to read stories translated into Japanese. Therefore, recommendation for JP by Medium Japan strongly affected numbers of readers on JP. In fact, numbers of readers rapidly increased on the first day after recommendation by them.

b. Recommendation and following by readers

Thankfully, some readers gave recommendations to my story and started following me. As a result, my story was displayed in the upper on timeline for tags such as #Medium Japan and #日本語. Then it seems that the number of viewers has further increased.

Additionally, I realized that some of my followers had characters characteristics as below.

  • Read only. They have not written their story yet.
  • Both following users and followers are few. I assume that they have just started Medium.

I am happy that my story about the reason why I started Medium may match their needs.

In this case study, I really understood it would be difficult to have many feedbacks to my stories in English. However, I will keep sharing my thoughts both in English and Japanese and trying various ways to reach to English users. This is just a beginning of my journey on Medium.

Thank you for reading! :)