Inovenso Presents High-Quality Electrospun Devices at an Affordable Place

Inovenso Co, New Delhi is one of India’s leading electrospinning device and electrospun nanofibers manufacturer. The headquarter is located in Istanbul and they initiated their business activities with manufacturing nanofiber production equipment. Their works related to the nanofiber industry are carried on according to two important product lines- the Industrial Nanofiber Production Machine and Laboratory Scale Nanofiber Production Equipments. The first product to be manufactured by them is the single needle and multiple needle electrospinning devices. Their endeavor became successful when a number of universities’ laboratories.


They later shifted to manufacturing electrospinning devices. They provide industry standard high accuracy user-friendly and safe electrospun nanofibers for research related to nanofiber and allied products. These are designed keeping in mind the needs and demands of the clients. One of the high points of Inovenso is that they emphasize on having productive interactions between the researchers, the manufacturers, and the users. By using the electrospinning device, they have created a method of the industrial nanofiber membrane production line. This has given birth to an industry of high-precision, superb quality, and enhanced capacity. Their current industrial project is the Nanospinner 416 which is predicted to be the futuristic nanofiber product.


Electrospinning devices are now regarded as an effective technique for fabricating polymer nanofibers. Inovenso electrospun the polymer materials into fine fibers with the help of solvent solutions and some are even melted. They are carrying on further research regarding what are the potential areas of development related to nanocomposite development. Their Pilot line electrospinning devices are used to electrospun any polymer solution for 24 hours. They can adjust the working width up to 500 mm. You can select the production capacity from 1 to 50 g/min with a single pass. These electrospun nanofibers machines are of a strong mechanical design and are fully enclosed with a condition production cabinet for an emergency. These machines are user-friendly, can be controlled through a touch screen control panel and can be controlled through a completely automatic controlling system. That is the reason why Inovenso Pilot line machine is considered as the futuristic machines for product development.

Inovenso’s sole aim behind venturing into the electrospun nanofibers businesses is to bridge the gap between academy and industry. They take the help of the academic world to keep up with their research and development work.

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