Orion Gael

Photo by YJ Lee from Unsplash

Never judge a book by its cover.

Just kidding, that’s impossible (when talking about literal books, that is). Despite knowing this age-old adage, you still can’t shake the significant impression that a cover makes when you’re perusing the bookstore. For better or for worse, a book’s content and its cover simply cannot be divorced from each other. But why does it matter so much? The author isn’t even involved in the cover design!

Well, it matters because the cover establishes an atmosphere — a lens through which the reader will be imagining the story. Even if a book…

Shannon Hillyard

As a photographer, I view the world differently. I am attuned to color, lighting, and composition. Since taking a film photography class in high school and learning the fundamentals of photography, I have seen the world in a new, exciting way and have learned more about creativity, precision, and spontaneity.

Photography acts as an outlet where I demonstrate my creativity. I adore bright colors and tones and nothing brings me more happiness than capturing the smiles on my clients’ faces as they laugh or dance or run. …

Ariana Green

oko house // photo from maria erman

As an aspiring designer, I have realized the importance in finding inspiration from the work of designers. It has made me more aware of the various facets and limitless boundaries of design. I have also begun to developed my own personal style from appreciating the work of designers. Hence, in this blog series, “Designer Appreciation”, I want to bring awareness to designers, of all kinds, and show my appreciation by analyzing and sharing my thoughts on their work.

One of the many aspects of design that I have taken interest in is architecture and interior design. I grew…

by Narimes Parakul

Series Preface:

Each album cover is a work of art in its own right. For each album cover I choose, I’d like to discuss different design aspects of the cover (typography, setting, color scheme, etc.) and analyze its relation to the album’s content.

Melodrama by Lorde

by W Magazine

“Please, could you be tender?” Lorde asks of her listeners on the cover of her sophomore album: Melodrama.

The record explores and highlights the dichotomous nature of a person’s life in their youth: living in and desiring both softness and chaos all at the same time. Everyone can find something for…

Jenny Yu

In all my years of owning sketchbooks, I don’t think I have ever been able to finish one, and this seems to be a common issue among my friends who like to draw. Once in a while, I would look back at my old sketchbooks, and the guilt of having empty unused pages would haunt me until I would forget about them again. Every time I see those beautiful brand new sketchbooks in the art store, I have to painfully pull myself away. I admit — I have been seduced one too many times by the promise of…

Cynthia Pu

This past term, InPrint Magazine has been working tirelessly on its third issue, IMPACT. Now that spring is here, you can order your issue! One of the most important factors in the conception of its visual direction was the color palette. Have you ever wondered which one of the IMPACT swatches you are? Probably not, but I’ve created an IMPACT color identity guide anyways! Are you Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Yellow, or Teal?

Let us know which IMPACT color you are!

This will be an ongoing series by writers Kellie Chou and Ashley Phan discussing why consumers will buy products for reasons such as “it’s TOO cute” or “ *blank* made me do it.”

The secret? Purposeful product design.

Follow us as we see products through the eyes of the company as well as their customers.

JanSport backpacks have finally met their match. The $36.00 cult-favorite has now been replaced with the Swedish-branded superpack. With its hefty price tag, unpronounceable name, and iconic design, these backpacks have made their way into classrooms and Instagram posts everywhere. Presenting: The Fjallraven Kånken backpack.

Ariana Green

photo at Seams Unreal (taken by Ariana Green)

This year I decided to go to the UC Davis Picnic Day Fashion Show, “Seams Unreal”. An hour before the doors opened, I had invited my friend to join me, so I thought it was only polite to pay for her ticket. However, I am a broke college student, so I had to use all of the resources the educational system has taught me in order to talk myself (and my friend) in getting to watch the show for free. Needless to say, I also managed to get us front row seats. …

By: Alana Joldersma

Now that the magazine is wrapping up, I wanted to take a minute and reflect on what this year’s theme means to me. If you read my last article on greenwashing, then you kind of know where this one is going and where my reflection stands.

❤ Cover design by the talented and amazing Timothea Wang ❤

Arguments aside, we’re living in a time where the planet is degrading and heating at an unprecedented rate. It’s a daunting problem we face that I’ve found myself overly-attentive toward. …

Emma Chisholm

Classes in film photography are a popular choice for Design majors within the UC Davis Art Department. Over the course of the school year, hundreds of students are introduced to the processes of the darkroom and film photography. I haven’t always loved film photography. When I first began film photography in my freshman year of college, I already had a few months’ prior experience working with digital photography. …

InPrint at Davis

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