$350 Billion in CARES Act funding is dried up. How?

The Small Business Administration helps the big guys first.

Few small businesses are seeing emergency advances or full funding through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, and are having nothing but problems tapping into Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds, yet the SBA claims it has burned through all of the $350 billion the CARES Act allocated to them.

That is the equivalent of 35,000 businesses qualifying for, and receiving, the full $10 million each under the PPP program. A long shot, of course, since only a certain number of small businesses will have the privilege of falling into the $1–5 million bracket.

It is also the equivalent of…

Billions were swindled by these ten fraudsters.

Since the first documented flimflam in 1719 involving Scotsman John Law, history has document thousands of shysters promising hefty remunerations on investments received by innocent hard-working men and women.

The many ruses surrounding you would probably scare you enough to withdraw your savings and purchase an indoor titanium safe. Even with tough SEC rules in place to help protect securities traders, these ten fraudsters still managed to steal more loot from investors than Pablo Escobar sold in cocaine.

#10: Allen and Wendell Jacobson

Wendell, an excommunicated former Latter-day Saint, rocked Utah with its largest flimflam in history, a $220 million dollar apartment investment opportunity under…

Here’s your venue. Can we get on with the trial?

Regardless which side of the fence your political views reside, this impeachment ordeal is huge. For Democrats, it all boils down to “reversing” the outcome of the 2016 election; for Republicans, it’s hard to tell what motivation they have (apart from vindicating their fearless leader) for wanting a trial.

As an American who pledges allegiance to the flag, eats his vegetables and harbors no ill will toward any party, I just want this to end.

Twitter users engage in verbal beat-downs of their opposing parties around the clock. Facebook memes flood my timeline like wildfire as Speaker Pelosi continues her…

Consumers like me are blindsided each day by millions of credit reporting errors which could be avoided. Easily avoided. And, of course, numerous consumers have hired law firms, credit restoration companies and even fought bureaus themselves to rid their files of illegitimate entries. Some work, others fail. Rinse, repeat, grab box of Kleenex.

For those intrigued enough to learn about how ill-mannered these companies operate, read on to discover some underlying truths behind your credit file, a nifty two digit code and the validation service created by — you guessed it — the credit bureaus themselves.

FCRA Requires Full Disclosure

Just several days ago…

Women deserve equal pay, period.

It’s 2019, and American companies still disenfranchise their employees by virtue of unbalanced pay scales. We’re able to genetically modify vegetables, drive vehicles fueled with used fryer oil, voice control our televisions, and look inside our refrigerators from 2,000 miles away.

But still can’t pay everyone equally.

The fact companies find ways to pay those of color, sex, religious affiliation less than those they wish to offer preferential to is surpassed only by the fact we’re still discussing this flaw in human character today. …

In the 1980s, every high school had that one sappy schmuck that loved one woman so much, they just had to make her an awesome mix tape filled with songs that told a story they were too chicken to tell themselves.

That was me — I was the sappy schmuck.

Armed with Poison, Tesla, Slaughter and ninety minutes of Memorex tape, I would make various mixes of love ballads that made my sister sick, my friends scoff yet taught me one valuable lesson: mix tapes take finesse.

Wait…you never watched High Fidelity?

For that soul still dwelling somewhere in 1987…

Search engine strategists have worked countless hours performing in-depth tests to determine how to optimize their clients’ website. They optimize keywords for mobile and desktop searches. Google Business pages are created. At the end of each day, clients are happy, marketers thrive, and search engines get filled with useful websites indexed for the betterment of mankind today, and forever.

But then Siri came out. And her pal Alexa followed her. …

Shoving french fries into a small box. Preparing sandwiches according to a picture provided by a corporate office. Tapping selections on a screen and taking payments. Are these actions worthy of $15 an hour? According to the thousands of picketers demanding a pay increase every week across America, they certainly should be.

Just over a year ago, fast food workers dropped their aprons across several U.S. cities to fight for fair wages. …

When preparing your business and marketing plans, careful attention is placed into preparation of data, financials and other necessary facts to illuminate your chances at successful funding. Within the data being presented to potential investors are factual expenses you’ll expect to pour into your business and expected returns from those expenditures.

When speaking of data collection, segmentation and warehousing, an expected return should be in place when collecting this data using proprietary marketing methods. …

This guy wants your Netflix password.
This guy wants your Netflix password.

Imagine waking up one morning, pouring your coffee and checking your once fat bank account only to find there’s $1.00 to your name. Even worse, your credit cards have been used to purchase computer equipment — in Burma. These atrocities happen more often than you will read about, calling to question whether or not passwords are even necessary anymore.

If the blame isn’t on the password method, it resides within encryption technology used by your financial institutions. …

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