Search for sanity amidst the pandemic

Hey !

Hope all you people are doing great. The pandemic has brought forth circumstances that we never thought we would have to face (Though the movie 2012 did get the minds of conspiracy theorists running).

From having to stay at home, avoid social contact, limit interactions and not travel (even short distances) for months, sudden drastic changes do take a toll. So in times like this, to protect your sanity, what do you do ?

In 5 simple steps you can take care of yourself and take charge of your life again to push it in the direction of positivity

Step 1 - Eat well. Eat Heathy

I have been reading a lot on Gut Health and the Gut Microbiome and it does partly talk about the importance of what you ingest and how its direct link to your immunity and mental health.

Eat fresh, eat local. Portion Control. Well timed meals. No food at least 4 hours before bed time. Cut out processed foods, refined foods, sugar. Eat more leafy greens and raw foods. Eat the rainbow

In short, eat well to stay well. You will notice the difference ☺

Step 2 — Sleep / Rest

Our body recovers during the time we allow our bodies to rest. Lack of sleep or adequate rest leads to a slew of problems you can avoid just by sleeping those 7 to 8 hours

Along with the hours, the quality of sleep matters too

  • Don’t use gadgets at least half an hour before you sleep
  • Limit caffeinated beverages to 1 cup a day before noon preferably
  • Physical activity / Exercise helps
  • Have a fixed time window to sleep. In other words a sleep routine
  • Dim the lights or switch them off all together
  • Play soft music (meditation music)

These are these some of the ways, few of which I practice

Step 3 : Exercise

To stay healthy you need 150 minutes of exercise every week. Which means 30min of exercise for 5 days of the week

Dont follow trends or be a cow in the herd. Know your body and do what suits you

Take a walk every day and choose the stairs instead of the elevator

If you have a desk job, walk for 5min every other hour

Do what suits you and do what makes you happy

Step 4 : Hobbies

Dedicate a certain amount of time to do what a you like, to do what makes you happy.

It could be gardening, reading, research, studying, dancing, decorating, teaching, anything that lights up your soul like a 5 yr old in a Candy Store.

Activities that you have put on hold or always wanted to do but never could, today’s the day. Begin. I know you can do it !

Step 5 : Journal / Me time

Write things down. What you feel, your thoughts, things that you wouldn’t say otherwise to people, things that you fear, just any thing at all. Its your personal space, your zone. Keep this page bound trove of words and emotions away from everyone. Its your secret to keep ☺

If journal writing isn’t your cup of coffee, just spend some time by yourself. Watch the sunset, mediate, take a walk. Reflect and reconnect with yourself, there’s nothing more beautiful and calming

You and only you hold the key to your sanity

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