Grand final. InRating & “Miss Ukraine Universe 2018”
Aug 16, 2018 · 2 min read

On August 14, one of the largest beauty contests in Ukraine, “Miss Universe Ukraine 2018”, has ended.
The largest beauty contest in Ukraine, in June, concluded a partnership agreement with the social network InRating.

The purpose of the partnership agreement was the usage of a unique tool with the help of which the on-line voting was conducted after the selection of the finalists who had passed the casting.
Voting in the social network lasted a whole month. The struggle between the girls was really tense. Not in vain Ukrainian women are famous for their beauty for the whole world. Thanks to E-Voting system provided by the social network InRating it was possible to hold a truly nationwide voting for the “Miss Universe Ukraine-2018” contest nominees.

14.08.18 the ceremony “Miss Ukraine Universe 2018” was held. This evening at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv the most eminent guests, pop stars, journalists and all those who created and conducted this all-Ukrainian competition gathered. The evening was grandiose and all Ukraine heard the name of the girl who became worthy of the title “Miss Ukraine Universe 2018”.
Usage of the E-Voting system and the social network functions by InRating was really successful.

All this triggered the global usage of this system in other similar contests. Founders of social network InRating have already concluded a number of partner agreements for on-line voting in such contests as “Miss Ukraine 2018”, “Miss Europe Continental — Ukraine 2018”, “Miss Europe Continental — Moldova 2018”, “Miss Europe Continental — Armenia 2018 “, ” Miss Europe Continental Kazakhstan 2018 “.

Join the social network InRating today! It will give you a unique chance to watch and take part in international competitions in real time, supporting the nominees.
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