InRating application
Jun 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Currently, the InRating is presented by the:

WEB-version for PC;

Mobile WEB-version;

Android app;

IOS app.

Web application for the InRating was designed and released in 2017. InRating is a unique product. Symbiosis of non-standard solutions in the development of the service and customer part has been implemented in the application mobile and desktop versions.

Android application: presentation and release scheduled for May 2018. Android-based InRating application has all the facilities for communication and social networking. The application is designed based on Android gadgets users’ preferences.

IOS social network application: presentation and release scheduled for summer 2018. The implemented iOS-based application has all the functionality for communicating in the social network. The application is designed based on the Apple gadgets users’ preferences.

InRating provides its users with the following features:

• A unique messenger

• Monetization of both personal and commercial accounts.

• Users’ face recognition and rating system using the blockchain technology.

• Use of the unique «Marketplace» section.

• Combining virtual and real time communication in the InRating using the company’s off-line network events.

• Use of built-in filters for ranking when searching.

• Availability of the entertainment menu.

• Own network contests aimed at increasing the users’ activity (“the top 5 of the month”).

• Possibility to create own competitions and events, using the E-Voting technology, as well as holding open or closed competitions for organizations, companies, universities, etc .

  • Possibility to create a unique InStory and a 60 minute stream (InStream).

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