InRating. Blockchain. Personal rating.
Jun 6, 2018 · 2 min read

In Social network InRating personal rating each user’s be safe with blockchain.

Blockchain will be integrated into all key sections of the InRating social network, which will transform the social resource into a unique platform that gives each user a lot of advantages when using its functionality.

An actual genuine User Rating in the InRating social network. The rating of each user is the unit of popularity of the account holder and the value that allows personalizing digital activity and gives all sorts of preferences. blockchain in the InRating the social network is used to calculate and grow the Ranking of each user. Using this technology makes it impossible to change, adjust or forge the rating of any user in the system.

Calculating of the Rating, being the indicator of activity and popularity of each user, occurs in real time and does not require additional calculations or adjusting to the time zone wherein the user is located. The use of the blockchain technology within the InRating affects the speed of growing each user’s Rating in the social network. The Rating points are accrued instantly.

Thanks to implementing of the Blockchain InRating technology in the process of calculating and growing of the Ranking of each user, the maximum transparency of the mentioned indicator in the InRating social network is achieved.

Use of this technology makes it impossible to adjust the Personal Rating of the user or any other interference in the value of the Rating by third parties.

The use of such technology ensures a complete safety of users and excludes the possibility of any information forgery.

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