InRating. We erase the boundaries in communication.
Jun 8, 2018 · 2 min read

The XXI century rushes with an amazing speed, new technologies appear every day and it seems that the World has changed beyond recognition. However, there is one thing that technology can never replace — it’s communication. It is very important for every person to know that he is not alone and somewhere in the world his kindred spirit lives with the same views, feelings and plans for the future.

But what if this same person lives thousands of miles away and speaks a different language that you are totally not proficient in? Of course, you can do as it used to be before — to exploit an online translator and correspond with a break in waiting, while experiencing linguistic difficulties. But our time is too valuable for such a waste. Don’t you agree?

That is exactly why an InRating developers have decided to provide a social network with a unique auto-translator, capable on translating messages to more than 100 languages ​​of the World. Voice messages can be translated into more than 40 languages. And what’s more important — InRating service translates phone calls in real time into 44 languages.

InRating erases all existing boundaries in order to give our users the ability to focus on communication without limits and conventions. During the call, the InRating interpreter understands your speech and translates it for the interlocutor.

It would be unfair not to mention the fact that modern social networks provide users not only with an entertainment staff, but also services for:

· job search;

· gaining knowledge and education;

· social issues solution;

· events organization.

This is not the whole list of functionalities provided by social networks. By destroying language barriers, an InRating built-in translator expands the geography of your capabilities.

Also it should be noted that all InRating users during the registration process undergo an identification, which ensures the presence of real people in our network. Details of this would be disclosed in our next article.

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