InRating-Your Internet Reality
Jun 11, 2018 · 2 min read

It is generally agreed today that social networks are extremely important and relevant for daily life in modern society. Statistically, the audience of social networks in 2018 is about 3 billion people. More over an ordinary Internet user spends there about 6 hours a day on average. With regard to social networks, over the past year, about 11 users have joined the most popular social networks per second.

Identification — a pledge of live communication in the network.

For the great majority of people, social networks provide an information as well as communicative functions, this is exactly why the presence of real people rather then threaded bots in social network is so important. After all, who is interested in communicating with machine? During the InRating registration, each new user undergoes an identification process that includes 3D facial recognition technology. Due to the introduction of blockchain technology into the platform, user data is stored on the network and can’t be changed or stolen.

Popularity at the expense of quality, rather than money.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be forgot that social network users also actively use them in order to obtain information about goods and services, as well as their quality. In each network there is a certain number of popular users, who used to earn money by advertising various products on their pages. However, not all bloggers have received their rating deservedly and organically. From these facts one may conclude that believing their recommendations can be not only worthless, but also dangerous. Personal rating in our social network can’t be bought, sold or falsified, thanks to the blockchain technology. The level of user rating depends only on his popularity, as well as activity. Thus, users become popular only thanks to their own efforts and the trust of other users.

It would be unfair not to mention the fact that the world is moving along the path of globalization. People living in different parts of the world communicate, become friends and sometimes even create families. The InRating platform destroys the barriers and boundaries of people’s communication in every possible way. In our social network, you can not only communicate with the help of a built-in translator that translates speech into more than 100 languages of the world, but also materially gladden someone close to you. Within the built-in “YOUGIVER” platform, InRating users can send both virtual and real gifts. Furthermore, the availability of INCoin will greatly facilitate the calculations and shorten the time required for their conduction.

From these arguments, one must conclude that InRating isn’t merely an internet-platform, but rather a new reality going beyond the network.

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