Lets talk about InRating.

Who we are?

Let’s Introduce Ourselves…

InRating is an absolutely new approach to interaction, acquaintance and communication with the whole world.

InRating is a unique social network with a lot of derivative products, targeted at communication and connecting people without language barriers and it includes activity monetization options.

With InRating you can show and describe everything that happens next to you and see what happens with your friends and people who are interesting to you.

Communicate with the whole world… meet, find new friends, create new groups, communities and events with InRating.

Join the community of real people, as InRating is a social network, where inorganic accounts existence is minimized. Become a part of the new world without boundaries and barriers.

With InRating you can…

  • Create personal and business accounts, based on the specifics of your interests.
  • Create posts, publish photos and videos, save them in your profile. Edit them with filters and settings, and convert your photos and videos into multi posts. Make them creative, use the keywords-tags ^^Intag on InRating network.
  • Be active, publish interesting photo and video content, attract real people’s attention, increase your personal rating. Become popular and get real gifts from InRating network.
  • Stream video in InRating network, make live broadcasts of 60 minute multimedia content (video).
  • Add several photos and videos at the same time to your InStory. Such posts exist for 24 hours in InRating network.
  • Communicate with friends and subscribers without language barriers around the world — use messages, voice messages, audio and video calls with real-time translation into many languages.
  • Create your groups, subgroups, communities and events for communication and discussion, share information and contact with the whole world.
  • Give and receive real and virtual gifts inside InRating network, flirt, meet and communicate with interesting people.
  • Create your events and contests using E-Voting (online voting) technology in InRating network.
  • Get access to your personal stats, stay informed on your account activity and popularity.
  • Become the owners of the internal network coin InCoin, use your coins on your own and for your own pleasure.
  • Use InRating Exchange to monetize your activity or to find the necessary services.
  • Take part in charity

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