Marketplace & E-Voting
Jun 14, 2018 · 1 min read


Our «Marketplace» section is a platform where businesses of any orientation and scale (small/medium/large) can conduct advertising activities, offer their products or services, promote their brands and engage in direct sales or sales through personal accounts.

InRating Marketplace and functionality will be in demand among the
following categories:

  • Categories of people who seek and establish business contacts;
  • Categories of advertising companies and freelance advertisers;
  • Categories of sellers offering different products;
  • Categories of users offering a wide range of services;
  • Categories of small and medium businesses searching for potential employees.


E-Voting system within the InRating. Today our social network can boast on more than 20 events held using the online voting system. Moreover, the blockchain technology is integrated into the online voting system, so that any correction of actual results is impossible.

Such voting systems are quite popular and applicable in different areas of our life. Besides any user can create an online poll in the InRating and get the opinion of friends, university students, employees, companies, city residents, region residents or country residents.

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