Online Dating; What are we Sacrificing
Rania Rashoodi

As someone that just got out of a 7 year relationship, this concept fascinates me. I don’t use any of these apps, perhaps never will but maybe I will. Yes, their is a give and take in the differences between going out and meeting people naturally, and finding others through these apps. Trust and commitment may be dwindling but the option to find a better partner is so much easily accessible. Finding love in the past was somewhat restricted to your immediate surroundings. I believe the adaptation of human nature and technology is coexistent, they feed off of each other. The problem with critiquing love is that we assume that their is a paramount form of it. Yet, different people love differently. If anything, technology allows those to explore their options and seek something that they want. On the other hand, physical contact and personal socialization is important. Tbh, I don’t really know whether it is beneficial or negative. Probably both, but still left to individual choice.

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