Inscripigeons take flight

What to expect from the flock.

4 min readSep 11, 2023


What are Inscripigeons?

Inscripigeons are 5,000 original pixel art images of one of the most global species of bird, found in nearly every country, the pigeon.
These pigeon artworks are stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain via the Ethscription protocol utilising the transaction calldata and hex code.

Who made Inscripigeons?

The team at Inscripigeons consists of only two members pre-launch.

Founder & lead artist Wusgood/Aidan:
An Australian blockchain enthusiast with a background in managing NFT communities and trading crypto, now looking to leave a mark on the blockchain of his own.
Plans for the pigeons date back to 2021 for an original NFT project that was scrapped before launching due to lack of interest at the time. After finding the ethscriptions protocol Wusgood decided to pick up the project were he left off, creating multiple new traits and 1/1 pigeons with references to the new ethscriptions culture leading to the creation of Inscripigeons.

Lead developer Max Bridgland:
A software engineer based in USA with a long history of creating open source software. He’s already made a huge impact in the ethscriptions community with his work on Mfpurrs, his own generative artworks and much more, with Mfpurrs now being recognised as one of the most prominent pfp collections on the protocol, featuring his open sourced work.

What can my Inscripigeon DO FOR ME?

Not much, it’s a pigeon.

Roadmap v0.0.1

What can I DO WITH my Inscripigeon?

Lot’s of things!

  • Collect them for the sheer joy of collecting
  • Create content and memes using your pigeons
  • Find like minded others who also collect pigeons
  • Create a community with those people via social media
  • Trade your pigeons within this community using marketplaces
  • Use a pigeon as your pfp for social media
  • Commit to that pfp so long that it starts to morph into your entire online persona, growing your audience now known as “that pigeon guy”
  • Create your own collection out of the open source traits. Get VC backing & endorsements from some of the most famous people in the world of crypto and pop culture. Raising millions of dollars to create a pigeon metaverse for other pigeons to fly around in, with a pigeon coin to spend on pigeon merch and a festival for pigeo…. you know what, never mind.

What will the team do?

Pru pruu pru, pru pruu, pru pruu
pru pruu pru, pru pruu.

All jokes aside. This is new technology and we’re not going to make you false promises. As the protocol adds new features and our funding develops throw market growth and royalties we will see how and where we can add value to owning an Inscripigeon.
The official X account will be used as a hub for connecting and sharing with other members of the flock via shared posts and spaces both from the team and community.
Post launch there will also be an official X community made named “The Coop” which will serve as a private room for members as there will be no official discord.

What are the Copyrights?

Inscripigeons will be CCO & Open Source and in the public domain.

What is CCO?
CCO enables artists, creators and owners of copyright- or database-protected content to waive those interests in their works and thereby place them as completely as possible in the public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.

tldr: Do whatever you like with the pigeons, the assets, the brand, all of it. Whenever you want, without asking.

What’s the point?

The point is, it’s in the hands of every individual who owns one to decide what’s possible for their pigeons.

This is not about crazy false promises in roadmaps, fake alpha passes, hype cycles of second collections, airdrops worth nothing, popularity contests on X and pointless “utility” promised to bridge gaps. Everything the last 3–4 years of NFTs has been is what Inscripigeons will not be.

This is about having fun online again.

Pru Pruu 🐦

How can I get one?

On September 22nd at 7:30pm EST we will be launching for a cost of 0.003eth with no limits on max purchases via our own website.

This link will be posted from our official X account and available via the website of our official sponsor, Ordex.

Mint via our official website only.




The first flock of pigeons to nest on the ethscriptions protocol • Pru Pruu 🐦