Cultivate Subject-Specefic Expertise and Master the Interior Design Process

International School of Design [INSD] has been the part of the design education in the country for a long time and has established itself at the center of everything good that has happened in the design industry over the years. The college is located in the heart of the Indian capital and is known for providing career-focused design education in the fields of Interior, Fashion, Jewelry, and Textile Design.

INSD emphasizes hands-on, result-oriented learning. It offers a broad range of credentials for the aspiring designers including Postgraduate and Undergraduate degrees, certificates, etc — and is known for helping the students chart the best path possible towards their goals. The college equips students with liberal education attributes and encourages the ability to come up with unique and functional design without compromising on the ongoing trends and comfort level of the fabrics.

The college has assembled a team of highly dedicated, talented and experienced design experts who are aware of the vision that INSD hold for its students. These teachers and experts enhance curiosity, exploration and experimentation mindset of the students and encourage them to think independently and critically without having the pressure the to perform.

Along with emphasizing on fashion course, INSD is also known for providing Textile Designing Courses in Delhi which are put together why the experts of the industry to develop the knowledge and skills they need to grow in the design industry. These courses prepare aspiring designers and professionals to lead the industry by providing style and panache to the clients — the chance of working with top textile brands in the country rise exponentially.

A leading design school offering postgraduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs, INSD let the students engage with a range of design disciplines — fashion, design management, studio designs, and more.

To cap everything, INSD also provides Interior Designing Courses in Delhi for the students who want to make a name for themselves in the Interior Design industry of the country. INSD educate the students to value the quality of human life in any built environment, to respect the rich history of the Indian culture and the design profession. They provide a strategic setting that fosters creative thinking, collegiality, and collaboration among the faculty, staff and students. Students are made to go through both conceptual and applied design.