How to Catch a Possum NJ

When you first realize that you have possums living near or inside your home, you might be quick to ask how to catch a possum NJ. Possums are slow by nature and are unable to run away. Although they are fairly timid, they are known to bare all 50 teeth and hiss. There are two main ways to catch a possum NJ.

The first way to catch a possum is with a humane trap that has a trap door and some sort of bait inside. The trouble with this is that your may catch a neighbors pet, or worse, an animal more violent than an opossum. Since you yourself have to open the trap to release the animal, a trap could be tricky especially if you catch an animal like a skunk.

Another popular way to catch a possum is with your hands. It is quite possible to distract the opossum with one hand and grab it by the tail with your other hand. It is unlikely for the opossum to bite you during this process, but you should wear gloves in case of fleas, ticks or disease.

If you’re looking for how to catch a opossum NJ, the previous two ways are the most popular and the most easy. It isn’t advised that you take this matter into your own hands though, because you may leave other opossums behind or injure yourself and the opossum in the process of removing it from your home. If you want to know how to catch a possum in the easiest manner, contact Alco Animal & Pest Control to take care of the situation for you.