INSERT STONKS Referral Program

What if you could get a piece of the Insert Stonks ecosystem by helping spread the word?

If you’re reading this… you are early.

This is why we created a referral program!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You get 2% of all investments made by people you refer to our Insert Stonks Platform Wallet.
  2. Each person you refer to the wallet gets an additional 2% in STNX on their transactions.

These apply to STNX token investments from all rounds up until the Public Sale!

You invite 1 person and they get super excited about R2M — as they should! They decide to buy $5000 USD worth of STNX tokens.

$5000 x 2% = $100
You get $100 worth of STNX.

You invite 10 persons who are equally super excited and spend $5000 each, for a total investment of $50,000.

$50,000 x 2% = $1000
You get $1000 worth of STNX!

How to participate in the program:

The more referrals, the more rewards! Everybody wins. 🚀


When will the rounds open?
Access to investment rounds will only be open to those who secure whitelist spots. Find out how to get whitelisted via the whitelist channel on our Discord server. Make sure your invitees read the requirements to get whitelisted in that channel!

When do I get my referral rewards?
Right after someone makes a transaction on the Insert Stonks platform, your bonus STNX tokens will show up in your Stonk wallet.

When does the program finish?
The program will finish the day after the public sale of STNX token.
There will no longer be any further payouts after that.

When will I be able to cash my referral bonuses?
As soon as the token gets listed.

Any questions? Please contact us through any of our social media channels!

Links for Your Convenience!
Click here to make your Stonk wallet.
Discord Referral Program Channel



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