I really appreciate this article John. This is a brilliant argument and I especially agree on conceptually switching time for energy.

Personally, when I get stuck, I procrastinate, and feel anxious that I will fail, and will not be able to use time well. And I think you’re right, that’s partly because my energy isn’t there. The thing is, it isn’t there because of a variety of other reasons, and the point should be to explore them! Sometimes it may be as simple as a lack of sleep…

In my case, I have been noticing that as of late, I critically overcommit, fail to deliver in time, and the resulting frustration and disappointment that I get towards myself is just exhausting; afterwards I don’t have a way of recovering, I just push, and push, with no energy, and the cycle repeats itself.

Need to work on that, and your article is yet another wake-up call! In conclusion, this was a long way of saying thank you!! 🙏