Finally time with my son.

2017 : 23rd Feb to 3rd March

Finally on 23rd Feb 2017, the so called “wife” came with my son to Women’s Commission office. Today is the day I bring my son home along with that lady.

The next two days I was home all the time. I knew somehow, that these are the only days I have with my son. So the two days went as if its 2 minutes!

On 25th the so called wife told me that she want to go home for some examination. I asked which examination, she did not reply. But she made her plans and asked me to drop her in a bus stop by early morning 6AM of 26th, along with my son, so that she can leave for her parents. I told her why in bus, I will arrange a car and will drop you today evening. I was scared as to how this lady is going to handle my little kid in a bus alone! Because once she told me that she herself is scared of travelling in bus alone. So asked my friend to bring his car and dropped both mother and son at her door step in her parents’ house on 25th late evening.

She came back on 27th along with my son. She stayed till 3rd of March ie; four more days. Then on 28th we were supposed to go to Women’s Commission to tell about the week’s stay. She said, she will call car to go back to her parents’ house and the car will come to the door of our home. I said ok, no problem. I went o Women’s Commission office in bike and she is supposed to come in the car with my son. But in the office I saw her alone. So I asked where is the son? She said I left in the car. I said how!? Both father and mother of the child are here and who is there in the car?! With whom have you left the kid!?! There was no answer and she arrogantly said, you do not have to worry.

Then she marched past me into the office and then came back and just ignored me and went away.

Now the next date is on 12th of April.