On next date(22nd Feb 2017)!

Well, this(22nd Feb 2017) is supposed to be the day when the so called “wife” has to come home. Guess what. She came to women’s commission alone! Yeah, when I ask her, she simply replied, the son was sleeping so left him at home! I asked, left alone! There was no reply!

Well, I asked the women’s commission to bring my son else I am not taking this woman home. They asked me to go and bring her from her house! I refused and asked it was not talked before and I am not going to her house. But I will wait here at your office ( Women Commission ) till late in the night, bring my son and then I will take them both home. They refused and asked me to come tomorrow.

There is so much a man can do in this country! All the laws are for women only! So in my way returning home, I found the so called “wife” walking. I asked her to sit on my bike. She refused, but then I convinced her to sit on my bike. Finally I went ahead and dropped her at her parents’ house.

Waiting for tomorrow(23rd Feb 2017).

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