KYVE Mission Korellia — Arweave.json

Setting up Arweave.josn for KYVE validator

To begin with, KYVE network validation requires Arweave network, and without an Arweave wallet with some AR token balance, the KYVE network validator will not work and validate blocks. You can create a validator, and in the test network it will even get into the active ones, but in fact it won’t do its job. You should therefore be careful to set up the Arweave wallet, receive AR tokens, and maintain a positive balance (as AR tokens are consumed during node operation).

KYVE network scheme involving Arweave

Why Arweave is needed

Arweave is essentially a decentralised data repository and through the Arweave protocol provides operational access to this data. To interact with Arweave storage, you need AR tokens. Without AR tokens, the KYVE node cannot communicate with the Arweave repository. The nodes of the KYVE protocol work as both uploader and validator and are therefore responsible for collecting data from the Arweave data source as well as validating it.
For each piece of data uploaded, a validator is randomly selected (based on their own rate and delegated authority) as the network leader. They are responsible for uploading the data to Arweave (so not all nodes take on this responsibility and if one node cannot interact with Arweave for some reason then this role is delegated to another validator.

Getting Arweave address and AR tokens

To get AR tokens go to

Transferring arweave.json to the node server

After the .json file has been downloaded and your AR tokens have arrived in your wallet, you need to save your wallet address somewhere for easy future balance tracking, rename your file to arweave.json and transfer it to the node server in the root/ directory. This can be done through the MobaXterm interface (very easy), or through the PuTTY download service (using command line).

Keeping track of AR balance

The KYVE network validator will run out of AR tokens, and while the consumption is very low, if your node runs long and active it can run out of AR. You can monitor your wallet balance via the explorer



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