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Whatsapp — Full Inbox

A private reason made me travel to the home village of my parents in Greece for 7 days. When I was sitting in the aircraft I checked my iPhone one last time for saying goodbye to my friends and colleagues. Then I activated the fly mode — to that point I didn’t know that this button just moved something inside me.
After the arrival and the trip to our village I was very happy to see my family and relatives. At the next morning I realized that my iPhone is still in the fly mode. I just used it for taking pictures and listening to music. After deactivating the fly mode — everybody knows that — a few massages of my provider about calling, text messages and Internet Roaming appeared. Nothing of that was interesting for me because you don’t have good cellular network coverage anyway. I took a look at my homescreen, there were no messages and no little red spots — I liked it.

I didn’t miss the internet and the permanent move for refreshing the pages or apps for not missing the cat videos of 9GAG on Instagram, Bubble Witch Saga or any request on Facebook, the 10th Gate discussion on Twitter or dubious and shady pics or videos that are shared on WhatsApp Groups.

My iPhone (iPad, Mac) is appropriate to support my creativity but it doesn’t make me smarter. It rather restrains my ambition for knowledge. I get lazy and slow. Mobile phones and tablets are like butlers, they do work for you but still I have to use my own brain and while doing that I don’t want to get disturbed because I’m always available or because I’m afraid to miss something because I can’t be online for one hour.

My plan is to break free from that. My Sunday is precious for me. One day in the week I will be independent and dedicate my time to myself. I get my knowledge by experience. I will do that until I am able to pass on every electronic device on Sundays. First one day, then two, then tree… I will do it like I did when I was young and went to nature when I wanted to play.