I need 🔊 for🔥 & 💦. Better sample search

Andy Burkovetsky

So I need another sample for my track 🎛 in work . I have an idea to add 🎙🔥bonfire sound with 💥 cracks and pffffffssss🌬 to the 🥁 & 🎸. It would be 20th sample for this track I’m looking for. How I usually doing sample 🔎?

Sometimes I do record my own audio but mostly I’m g👀gling for something specific fresh juicy and obviously i would like to have it in good quality (I would not say I’m looking for best quality (lossless) but more-or-less good (MP3/ OGG)). And here are few drawbacks with this flow..


Bitwig 1.x sampler
Ableton 9.x sampler

In the process of making music i would like to spend less time on browsing websites…, logins…, signups… 😤 and other frustrating things not really related to music production (at least for me=) but i would like to spend time on listening actual samples and playing with it right within my DAW 🎛.

And I believe things shouldn’t be this way in age when even light bulbs have access to the internet but DAW’s instruments still don’t =(

Smart Light http://www.limitlessled.com/

Btw, beside of music production, I also do coding a bit 👨‍💻 and I have understanding how applications work. So i could say all most popular DAWs in 2016 can easily change it and make users life (and ofc my life =) much pleasant.

most popular DAWs in 2016–2017 based on Google.com =)

How they can do this? One idea is to improve sample handling. For example, implementing sample search via Internet straight from DAW itself like they do a local search on laptop’s disk 🌍 = 💻. My personal preference is Bitwig, so i will example on it.

Bitwig 1.x sample search via local files


In my opinion, any DAW can come with some default list of cloud locations for quick free files 🔎 like Freesound.org or soundcloud.com. Would be best if users can edit this list adding new sites for search, removing what they don’t want to use and sharing their own folders via Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud, etc.

Commercial packs sellers can also be integrated into this kinda search. This way users can pre-listen samples quickly and sellers can be safe and do not worry about waves licking since DAW control access to files.

Here is how i see it:

Smart Bulb in world of DAWs =)

Ofc there are few issues occurs:

  1. Privacy/Copyrights issues
  2. Technical problems adding new end-point. Solution for each site would be different
  3. Identifying that audio content is sample

👮 Privacy and Copyrights issues

As a solution search could be done via samples with Creative Commonslicenses. Sites like freesound.org and soundcloud.com provide this kinda filters with its API.

🛠 Technical problems adding new end-point

Both freesound.org and soundcloud.com, for example, have different search API. So it can’t be easily done just providing DAW with site URL for now.

Few solutions i see:

  1. Quick solution. DAW can programmatically add a list of available end-point. And user will be able to check/uncheck what he like
  2. In the long run. Sample search API need to be unified. I think freesound.org works on something like this and created Audio Commons Initiative.

🕵 Identifying that audio content is sample

How to know that audio file “Boom 31–07–2016.mp3” you found over the web is audio sample and not someone’s song or recorded an audio podcast, for example. The best things if selectable content type will be added to file’s metadata same as Album or Genre. But for other cases how to identify that content is sample? In general, I assume if the audio file is less than ⏱ 20 seconds long likely it will be just audio sample and not someone’s track.

Amadeus Pro Metadata settings (can be set in most DAWs)

Beside Solution 🔊🔥 & 💦

I’m not related to the development of any of DAWs. But as a coder I can make things at least a bit pleasant and easy for myself. I made simple web app for a quick search/save free MP3 samples from the Internet.

🔭 Samplescope App
search, pre-listen and save files locally

For the moment of writing it just do simple search over freesound.org but this is really large base and I think to add more end-points later.

It just some of my random thoughts I want to share ♻

  • I’m not native eng speaking, so sorry 😸🐵

Andy Burkovetsky

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