Dr. Heidi Waldorf, a cosmetic dermatologist, had problems with my toner and rosehip oil and suggested trying a new sunscreen.

The author (left) and skincare products (right). Photo: Canela López/Insider

By Canela López

I’ve never really thought I have “good” skin, the kind you see in the “after” photos on skincare commercials.

My skin is on the oilier side, and…

Interviews with 17 former college athletes, insights from previous investigations, and input from experts suggest an alarming pattern of abuse.

Several college athletes said they subjected to psychological abuse from their coaches. Photo: Samantha Lee/Insider

By Lindsay Dodgson

Hillary Dole’s first Toque Friday ended with a broken nose and a bloody face.

The event, she told Insider, was an annual tradition for the Cornell University…

Between the lack of privacy, a lofted bedroom, and low ceilings, Alexis Monkhouse shares the challenges that come with dating in a tiny house.

Alexis Monkhouse shared the challenges she faces with dating as a single mother in a tiny house. Photos: Alexis Monkhouse

By Monica Humphries

Alexis Monkhouse knew there would be sacrifices and gains with moving into a tiny house, but one she hadn’t considered was potential boyfriends…

I didn’t lose all my strength in a week or two, and taking a break actually does my mind and body some good, Insider’s Rachel Hosie said.

Rachel Hosie worked out for 15 minutes while on vacation in Croatia. Photo: Rachel Hosie

By Rachel Hosie

A few years ago, going on vacation would come with a side of discomfort about being away from the gym…

Princess Katarina co-hosted the Zoom class with former royal butler Grant Harrold. The session was more informal than I expected.

Queen Elizabeth II. Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

By Mikhaila Friel

It’s not every day you get to take a royal etiquette class taught by a real-life princess.

So when I heard that Grant Harrold, former butler to…

Fantasizing about having multiple partners and willingness to have open conversations about jealousy and insecurity are some indicators, experts say.

Will Smith arrives at the world premiere of “Spies in Disguise” at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, on Dec. 4, 2019. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

By Canela López

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith revealed their non-monogamous marriage last year during an episode of “Red Table Talk,” after musician August Alsina said he and Pinkett…

After years of procrastinating, Insider’s travel writer signed up for TSA PreCheck — and couldn’t believe the entire process took just 15 minutes.

I recently signed up for TSA PreCheck and couldn’t believe how easy it was. Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

By Anneta Konstantinides

I finally decided to get TSA PreCheck after many years of procrastinating.

I believe there are two kinds of people in this world: Those…

Insider spoke with Phoenix residents to find out what the weather, housing, public transportation, and nightlife are like in the southwestern city.

Residents love all that Phoenix has to offer. Gregory E. Clifford/Shutterstock

By Frank Olito

Millennials are moving out of big cities and opting for smaller ones, such as Phoenix.

Even before the pandemic, they were leaving major cities like…


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