Dr. Heidi Waldorf, a cosmetic dermatologist, had problems with my toner and rosehip oil and suggested trying a new sunscreen.

The author (left) and skincare products (right).

By Canela López

I’ve never really thought I have “good” skin, the kind you see in the “after” photos on skincare commercials.

My skin is on the oilier side, and I get some hormonal acne on my jawline. But, for the most part, I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin is fine.

I also started testosterone this week — a hormone-replacement therapy used to treat gender dysphoria in trans and nonbinary people. …

As hospitals scramble to handle the pandemic, some parents are struggling to see their babies in the NICU. The results could be catastrophic.

By Sarah DiGregorio

Back in May, Elijah Zorn lay in his incubator, all 3.8 pounds of him, a ventilator mechanically inflating his tiny chest. He was six weeks premature and had suffered a lack of oxygen to his brain at birth. He was airlifted from one hospital to another in critical condition. No one knew if he would survive.

Beside him sat Jeremy, his exhausted father. Elijah’s mother, Riannon, was miles away, recovering at home after a…

Interviews with 17 former college athletes, insights from previous investigations, and input from experts suggest an alarming pattern of abuse.

Several college athletes said they subjected to psychological abuse from their coaches.

By Lindsay Dodgson

Hillary Dole’s first Toque Friday ended with a broken nose and a bloody face.

The event, she told Insider, was an annual tradition for the Cornell University softball team when she joined as a freshman in 2017. All new recruits were instructed to pull beanie hats over their eyes and stand in a line. Then, while they were effectively blindfolded, their teammates and coach yelled at them to run.

“It was confusing, chaotic, intimidating, and I didn’t…

These cocktail-makers shared what they observe and look for when customers first arrive, ranging from outfits and moods to attire and manners.

A cocktail being poured into a glass from a shaker at a bar.

By Cheyenne Lentz

To give you the best service possible and keep their bar under control, bartenders observe a number of things when you walk in.

Here are the things bartenders take notice of when you come in for a drink:

Bartenders pay attention to your mood

Bartenders often notice their customers’ disposition, whether they’re in high spirits because they just received good news or in a bad mood because their workday sucked.

When bartenders notice your mood, they can recognize when they can…

Daniel Scali threw up four times during the challenge. Just nine months ago, he could only plank for a maximum of two minutes.

A man holding a plank.

By Rachel Hosie

A 28-year-old man has performed the world’s longest plank, holding the position for nine hours, 30 minutes, one second.

Daniel Scali, who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), set the new record on August 6 and had it approved by Guinness World Records a couple of weeks afterwards.

Scali told Insider he first planked while training with friends in his backyard in November 2020 and managed two minutes.

Not long after, Scali realized he…

The author lists all the invisible work she does on top of her full-time job to illustrate how working parents are at a breaking point.

A photo of the author with her two babies.

By Conz Preti

The other day, as I was answering the simple question of “How did your day go?” which my husband always asks as we pick up our kids from school, I went through the list of all the things I had done for work. It was a lot and still didn’t feel like enough.

Then I paused and started listing all the things I did outside work, and it was even more.


Short sleeper syndrome is a condition that allows some people to operate on less than six hours of sleep and feel completely fine during the day.

Barack Obama.

By Natalia Lusinski

People with short sleeper syndrome sleep 4 to 6 hours per night and still feel well-rested and alert the next day.

Though this rare condition affects roughly one percent of the population, there are a number of well-known people who claim to regularly operate on very little sleep, including Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, and Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know about short sleep syndrome, including…

Since moving from Denton, Texas, to Fort Collins, Colorado, Nika Canlas Potts has met new challenges but found the perks outweigh the cons.

Nika Canlas Potts on a hiking trail in Colorado.

By Joey Hadden

When Nika Canlas Potts moved from Texas to Colorado in 2020, she started worrying about wildfires and spending more money on rent. She also started spending more weekends outdoors watching the sunset in front of mountains.

Potts is one of many people who moved to Colorado last year, as Insider reported the state has become “a haven for millennials” during the pandemic.

After relocating to Fort Collins — a town an hour outside of…

The author said her unplanned baby gave her the strength needed to get out of bed every day after her husband left.

The author, Susan Yem, with three of her children at the hospital.

By Susan Solomon Yem

When a marriage is teetering on the edge of collapse, it’s probably not the best idea to get pregnant. And yet I did — unintentionally. But then, most of my pregnancies were unintentional. Of my four biological sons, three were unplanned. And that planned child took an extra year to arrive because of two miscarriages. The fifth, my daughter, is adopted.

When my daughter was in kindergarten, she started begging for a baby sister…

As a house mom, I live in a sorority house full time managing safety and facilities. Here are the things that surprised me when I started the job.

Three women sitting with their arms linked.

By Anonymous

My job is a bit unconventional, but living full-time in a sorority house definitely keeps me on my toes.

I’ve been a house mom for five years, and my main jobs are safety and facilities management.

Read on for some of the things that surprised me most when I first moved in.

My sorority girls can eat a lot

Contrary to what you might think a “typical” sorority girl eats, these women consume massive amounts of food…


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