5. Seoul is not in Japan, FYI.

Working out at the gym just now, I saw this music video come on (as gyms usually do). I immediately recognised the historical sites captured on it and knew it was filmed mainly in Seoul; and there was even a scene where they filmed inside the imperial palace, Gyeongbokgung.

It definitely featured these two spots:

And had these white dudes — refering to people by the colour of their skin isn’t right, but I’ll make an exception here; these dudes don’t deserve respect as they themselves have none — walking around in traditional court costumes, looking frankly ridiculous.

Ridiculous not because the clothes don’t suit them (obviously they didn’t) but because they were wearing bloody sunglasses with it and visibly had this ‘Oh-look-I’m-wearing-oriental-shit-Oh-how-trendy-of-me’ attitude.

Kind of like this, but two dudes aiming for 3x coolness, doing model walks with sunglasses on..

But of course, that’s not what pissed me off.

What DID make me fume was that they put Japanese writing/caption at the end of the video (after also showing extensive footage of Korean festival circuits they went around, with the audience happily cheering for them), as if it had been filmed in Japan;

Or worse, as if they were stating ‘IT DOESN’T MATTER which country it actually was; THEY’RE ALL THE SAME, JUST ASIANS, COOL, ORIENTAL STUFF, right? ’

What sodding bastards.

That’s like… the equivalent of me in a K-Pop music video, in the Queen’s iconic attire filmed in Hampton Court Palace, to have French captions strongly suggesting it was filmed in Paris because, Hey, France is cooler, right? THEY’RE ALL THE SAME, JUST WHITE PEOPLE, COOL, WESTERN STUFF, right?

It’s because of this kind of ignorant orientalist attitude so casually prevalent AND ADMIRED in the western media that I have to put up with random assholes at the pub asking me if I have a possessive Korean boyfriend and enjoy being submissive in bed. Yeah. Every, single, fucking, time. That happens in 2017, in a self-titled ‘diverse city’ like London.

I’m actually a huge fan of Japanese culture; Have always been, since early childhood. And by that I mean WAY before you got obsessed with hipster Asian bentos and distorted glorification of nationalistic mass-murderers and fantasies about prostitutes. But I’m sick of this japanophile attitude of western nerds that’s feeding this age old orientalism. Where are we, in 18th century? Racism is just not hip, not cool, you know.

Well, you know what?

I was plugged into listening another music the whole way throughout your video, because your music sucked. And it sucked so bad, I can’t even link it here because I can’t remember your name.

Hope you never find audience in East Asia again, nameless piece of dumbness.