1. ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker’

This song came out when I was in my mid-teens, if I remember correctly. Ah, 2007. I instantly loved it; Sandi Thom’s voice was amazing, delivering rousing tune of nostalgia about good ol’ days when the world had some sense and sensibility left in it.

But I didn’t know until today that this song is abosolutely hated by punk rockers.

The reason being,

  1. what is described in the lyrics as a ‘punk rocker’ is actually a picture of late 60’s & 70's hippies. ‘The two are NOT the same! They hate each other!’
  2. Its romantisation of the past is cringe-inducing.
  3. Apparently Sandi Thom ranted online about BBC not playing this tune and made a fool of herself.

The Youtube comment section is full of dismay.

Now I feel like an idiot for having liked the lyrics, like I’d fallen for a propaganda, 추억팔이, or something… It’s still a great tune, though, if you forget cynicism.

If we were all to be cynical/judgemental, half the art world would need to be wiped out.

Enlightenment isn’t always a pleasant thing…