5 Reasons why SMBs are embracing MS Office 365

We may be big — in fact we’re a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions with over 5,000 employees — but we understand what you need to successfully run a small business. Having the right IT infrastructure in place is essential; whether you employ two or 200 people. Moving to Microsoft’s Office 365 through one of our fully supported monthly subscription plans will make life easier for you and your IT team. You’ll reduce costs, better support your business’s growth and manage budgets more easily than ever before.

Here are 5 reasons why small businesses are embracing cloud-hosted Office 365:

1. Efficient and flexible

Whatever your line of business, enabling your team to work from anywhere, at any time, is an absolute must if you want to maximise the productivity of your staff. Having agile IT with built-in collaboration provides a major productivity boost, whether You want to have your employees work closely together from different locations, or support professional communication with customers and partners. Office 365 supports flexible and remote working for staff, saving travel time and enhancing team productivity. It is cloud-hosted, enabling agile work and allowing you to benefit from off-premise data storage, and continually updated software. Skype for Business provides the communications capabilities to support everything from a quick chat to a full-blown video conference. Office 365 applications combined with Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Yammer enhance real time collaboration among colleagues and partners.

Plus, you have the ability to support up to five devices per user at no extra cost. That means your employees can work from their mobile devices — phones and tablets — as well as their traditional desktop computers. Mobile working helps you deliver a better service to your customers and partners, as your staff will be able to respond faster. In short, supporting flexible working enables more efficient service and a better customer experience.

2. Cost-effective

Building a business comes with a lot of capital costs. However, ensuring staff are equipped with the applications and collaboration tools they require to do their jobs needn’t be one of them. We offer a new way to buy Office 365, through our Insight Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Programme. You pay per user, per month, allowing you to treat software as an operating expense rather than capital outlay, and better manage cash flow. Our flexible monthly subscription model includes technical support and means that you only pay for the software you use. Plus, you won’t be tied into a long-term contract — useful when you never know what’s around the corner. When you buy software licenses outright, it can be difficult to keep track of them as new people join and others leave, which can lead to you either buying licenses you don’t need or being under-licensed. When you subscribe to Insight’s Office 365 plan you can add new licenses for end users quickly and easily through the self-service portal. You will only ever pay for the licenses you use. Office 365 is a solution that easily scales up and down with staff numbers. It allows you to start small and grow, reducing risk.

3. It’s the business standard

Microsoft Office is a tried and tested office IT solution, known as the standard for helping people be more productive at work, school, and home, with more than an estimated one billion users worldwide. When you take on a new employee, the chances are that they’ll know how to use Microsoft Office. Office 365 is what your corporate customers are using: it’s time to join them!

4. Migration is simple

Because our CSP implementation of Office 365 is cloud hosted and easy to administer through a web portal, you can get up and running in 24 hours. This is an IT solution that is simple to manage, fully supported and fast to deploy. We can also help you to migrate your email hosting and cloud storage from third-party solutions to the Office 365 platform, bringing everything under one roof with streamlined support and a single monthly payment per user.

5. 24/7 support

Smaller businesses don’t always have dedicated inhouse IT experts, which means it can be a struggle to get up and running on new platforms, and then provide the on-going support that your end users need. Even when you have your own IT team, you need to be able to provide a fast response to ensure that end user downtime doesn’t hinder staff productivity.

Our Microsoft-accredited staff will help you migrate to our cloud solutions and then be on the end of the phone whenever you need them. This means that staff can be more productive sooner, and reduces downtime caused by end-user IT issues. We can provide your IT experts with the extra support that they need to meet the needs of the business, and even support your end users directly — whatever makes most sense for your business.

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