Block Insight corporates Korea Culture Content Exchange

Block Insight collaborates with as famous cryptocurrency media group NEWSBTC corporate with Korea Culture Content Exchange(Hereafter “KCBC”), which name on the center of Korea Culture Contents.

Ref. Block Insight

The KCBC, which unite with China Shenzhen Culture Property Rights Exchange, consists of the exports that are well known for the exchange, Investment, making, and education culture contents between the countries. Now, KCBC leads the trade, Investment, making, and education culture contents between the countries.

The CEO of the KCBC, Mr.Kim, he is the chairman of the China Korea E-sport Association. He worked on the head of the Korea Association of Game Industry and the Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency president. He strives to the new value creation of Cultures Contents Industries.

Block Insight has been working closely with the accelerator Insight Lab and is well known as the number one source for blockchain news in South Korea. Block Insight will also start its 2020 relaunch in a week with over 40 countries and 30,000 users.

Block Insight said that it is the opportunity to post the contents on the Block Insight platform. And also they told me that they prepare the partnership with Major Korea Media.

The Block Insight provides INDEX and quotes information from Upbit (a South-Korean exchange) through a formal content contract. There are cases of a partnership between Kakao and Upbit and examples of cooperation between Naver and Bithumb, similar to the point between Google and Coinbase.

Set out news criteria with Upbit INDEX