Why You Should Stalk Your Business Online

What makes you search the web on a random night to see where your businesses is showing up online? Do you wait to do this when you are looking for new clients and you are slow? This is true for most people because it is not on your mind when you are busy. But waiting until your business is getting in trouble is not a good strategy. It is time right now for you to turn into your own online stalker for your business.

How do you search online? Do you look up to see what your local competitors are doing? Or search for your own business and keyword? You can spend hours searching for yourself and scratching your head as to why your competitors show up in directories and in search results instead. Should you be worried? Well, honestly yes. With 93% of Canadians going online to do product / service research. If you aren’t showing up online, they’re not going to show up at your door.

So you frantically start to add yourself to all of the directory locations where you see just to get some sleep and feel a little better that you did “something”. BUT did you really do anything? If it was late, you might have accidently added your business address and your home postal code. Or forgot to put the area code for your phone number. If you are not adding your business to directories as part of a strategy to promote your business, you can be doing more harm than good.

When you are developing this strategy (please tell me you have a strategy), it might be good to know how many times you are going to have to input this information. Why? Because there are over 40 directories out there but I would say only 25 of them are high value directories that you should have your business listed on. Yup. You read right: 25. But what ones are they. Hope your fingers are limber!

You want to do this right the first time so it SAVES you time. Read this great article on Top 5 Frustrations of getting your business online. This will help you be prepared before you make a mess of your online foot print.

The truth is that most businesses are only on 1/3 of these at best. If you are on all of them, and you are on them correctly, consistently, comprehensively and the info is current, you will blow your competition out of the water!

You might be sitting there flexing your fingers, itching to get started and then you realize how much time this is going to take.

In good health,

The Health Local Team

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