The Blitz

The sun radiated heat

Down on the surface of the Earth,

Battling with the crisp October air.

The clear blue skies

Were masked

With a dark haze,

And the city was overflowing

With fear.

Piles of debris covered the city,

The tragedy

Marking the place as unrecognizable.

The buildings that remained standing

Stood in darkness.


They displayed power.

They stood like Ancient Greek ruins,

Declaring that they could never

Be brought down,

Reflecting the determination

Of Churchill himself.

Craters scorched the roads,

The debris mounds growing

Higher and larger.

The wall of yellow smoke growing

Darker and thicker.

The glittering specks of broken windows

Were scattered all around,

Creating a pathway towards the deepest cavity.

Buried within the hollow bowl

Glinted the smashed red and white body

Of a Number 88 Bus.

The tragedy

Of the beloved city

Was too overwhelming.

As the Allies focused on the horror,

The world wondered,

Will it ever be the same?

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