Volume of Google Play Reviews for Popular Apps

According to statista.com 2.5 billion of smartphones will be in the world in 2018 (vs. 1.9 billion in 2015). This tremendous user-base growth will affect the app economy in general and app store reviews specifically.

We’re starting series of blog posts related to stats, trends and insights in app store reviews for various apps in different categories and countries.

In this post we will cover some of the most popular mobile apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others. 10 different mobile apps were analyzed with InsightsForce platform. We have selected apps by popularity in particular categories and industries, such as social networks, gaming, messengers, etc. Reviews posted on September 2015 were taken for analysis.

Facebook app got the impressive number of reviews in Sept 2015. Most of 245K feedbacks in Google Play described positive emotions («Nice», «Love»,«芸術家», «klasse»,etc). Besides there were also detected users’ issues related with authorization, updates and others. Current average rating of this app is 4 stars. It’s high score for such widespread social networks app.

WhatsApp messenger received more than 145K users’ reviews. Emotional reviews with high rating were the most common category of messages. Furthermore WhatsApp was awarded by 4.4 stars of users’ preferences on Google Play store.

Users left almost 80K reviews about YouTube app during September. High ratings dominate giving 4.1 rating despite references to some issues such as video freezing or lack of synchronization between video and audio.

Almost 18K reviews were written about Google Maps in Sept 2015. In major cases users described positive experience related to app’s usefulness. Some stability issues related to new update were reported.

Angry Birds being one of the most popular game provoked gamers to leave detailed comments. 13K reviews about this game was detected on Google Play store. Many users mentioned ads pop-ups in the game. Ads pops ups after each level caused the negative users’ emotions («annoying»).
12K reviews were written about Gmail. This app got 4.3 stars of users’ preferences. Stability, sync and functionality issues were among main reasons for lower rates. Others apps received the further number of feedbacks in Sept 2015. OneDrive — 5,5 K reviews and 4.4 stars of rating; Amazon — 3,5K reviews and 4.2 stars of rating; Nike+ — 3,3K reviews and 4.4 stars of rating; TripAdvisor — 2,5K reviews and 4.4 stars of rating.

You can see some review numbers for the most popular apps above.Number of reviews grows rapidly for all types of apps and managing this reviews becomes essential for successful mobile stores presence. Soon we will share some numbers showing what you can achieve if you take care of users reviews on regular basis.
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