He believes that the blame on gender roles or social status for extreme distress is really just to cover up the overall lost aspect of being human also along the same ideals of materialists — it is not natural. I like this viewpoint because, as I have said many times, let everyone be human.
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Jittery Tree

I read the Young article — and I think it is interesting. I’m a bit surprised that you picked this quote on “complementarianism” because Young thinks complementarianism is crap. I’m not sure you adequately express his dismissal of the term (and his dismissal of its usual opposite, “egalitarianism”).

This is difficult material here — I’d like to see you think through it a bit more. While I find Young’s article interesting, I also find his argument a bit confusing — what does he mean by stressing a return to “relational humanity”?

I think this would be an interesting topic for your final paper down the road, should you want to read more about this.

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