Long Days and Pleasant Nights (Entry #3)

8–3–16 11:55 pm

Yeah, I know, I suck at keeping a schedule. Sue me. I’ve just been working a lot and I had to read the new Harry Potter book as soon as it came out. But, I’m back!

So where we left off with the gunslinger’s story is he had just left Tull after killing the entire city. This is the end of the story Roland is telling to Brown. Brown has listened long and hard and they are both ready for bed.

The next morning, Roland leaves Brown’s plot of land with some small amount of food and water and continues on his journey after the man in black. The journey is rough and tiresome to read. It really drags on when he’s by himself walking the desert. Fortunately, he isn’t alone for long.

He comes across a Way Station. Now I’m not entirely sure what a way station is, but it reminds me of a weigh station along the highway so I’m guessing that’s what it is.

Roland is almost dead when he spots the way station in the distance but he struggles on and finally makes it. When he makes it he thinks he has come across the man in black but he thinks the man in black has become and tiny old man with white hair. He makes it up to this old man then passes out due to exhaustion.

When he comes to he realized that it is not an old man with while hair standing over him giving him water, but a young boy of about ten, with sun bleached hair. This boy is Jake. The gunslinger tries to ask Jake how long he as been at this way station and how he got there but Jake doesn’t know. Time moves in a weird way in this world, which has been mentioned multiple times but I have forgotten to include it in here. Roland also wants to know how long it’s been since the man in black was there. Jake doesn’t quite remember but does know it has been “three poops” since he left. That is how he is keeping track of time, which I found hilarious! Roland asks where Jake is from and he can’t really remember that either. He says he is from a place that had a statue of a lady in the water.

Roland asks Jake if he can put him to sleep. Jake said he isn’t sleepy but Roland basically hypnotizes him by dancing a bullet across his fingers. It is this way that Roland is able to basically get into the mind of anyone he wants.

He sees that Jake is from another time and another world. Our world. Jake is from New York City. We get a little story about how Jake lived his life in the 80s in NYC. His dad is a big rich business man and his mom doesn’t really have the knack for being a mother so Jake is basically raised by his nanny. That is at least until he dies.

We get a little story about how Jake is getting ready for school. Then he walks the busy streets of New York to get to his fancy private school. This is when Jake sees the man in black. The man in black ends up pushing Jake into traffic and causing him to die. This part of the story is particularly graphic as it’s told from Jake’s perspective and it describes him feeling his intestines burst and blood coming out of his mouth and all sorts of nasty things. After his death in NYC Jake wakes up in the way station and has been there ever since.

The next morning Jake tells the gunslinger that there is a cellar but he’s been to afraid to go into it. Roland decides to explore it and finds tons of canned foods. He brings the food to Jake and when he’s on his last trip doing so he hears a voice. He tells Jake to go away from the way station and count to 200. If the gunslinger isn’t back by the time he makes it to 200 then he tells Jake he needs to leave without him and never come back to that place.

There’s a hole in the wall that the voice came from. Roland approaches this hole and demands that the demon inside speak to him. The voice tells him to “go slow”. The voice inside the hole is the voice of Alice, from Tull. “Go slow, gunslinger. While you travel with the boy, the man in black travels with your soul in his back pocket.” The gunslinger asks the demon to explain what this means but the voice has gone silent.

Roland goes to leave the cellar but then remembers an old proverb: Take from the dead; only a corpse may speak true prophecy. So the gunslinger shoves his hand into the wall and grabs onto something solid. A jawbone. He takes the jawbone and him and Jake leave the way station together with plenty of food and water to keep then alive for the near future.

This is where I leave to for this post, so until next time, Constant Reader. May you have long days and pleasant nights.