How important is your customer online identity to marketers?

Are we really the exact same person we are online as we in real life? Maybe, maybe not. How people choose to represent themselves on the internet is entirely up to them. With the internet you could be pretty much anyone you want to be! Your online identity can be whatever that you want it to be. An internet or online identity is one that a user creates in online communities and websites and is a presentation of the user. I am a digital marketing student and also a customer that has an online identity. We create profiles online such as our social media profiles. Most of the time we don’t even know that all these information we enter into our profiles can be used by marketers as a customer identity they could use.

These online identities that we all create that usually include our names, location or address, demographics, and sometimes our behavioural habits and emails are very important to marketers as they can use these identities to identify new customers. They can use the customer online identities to make an impact on their customers and who knows, maybe even sell something to them.

The job of marketers is to convince a customer to buy their product or into their brand by using the 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion). So how exactly can your online identity be useful to marketers? Well because using your online identity marketers can use that information to create more personalised marketing tactics and personalised adverts just for according to online identity and the things you are interested in and checking out on the internet. I mean who wouldn’t like that?

As much as we like personalised adverts and marketing efforts, there are security concerns. It is important for marketers to make their customers feel secure and comfortable with giving them access to their information and identities.

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