We’ve moved to Slack

Slack is a platform built for team communication which is run by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield. In a crowded space and seemingly saturated market, Slack has become a cult hit application. With Slack, we at inspiLab hope to enhance our workflow and deliver better, more efficient products for our clients.

It solves exactly our problem

  • Real-time messaging, with online/offline message
  • Easily to share files, links and searchable later (the most important reason)
  • Chanels & groups that can be use for team activities, projects.
  • Better UI/UX than other existing chat apps
  • Simple


The integrations are pretty sweet! Specially when it comes down to visualising it for rest of the team whom sometime don’t understand anything about Version Control, Google Drives or similar features.

Handy solution

It’s reliable and available on every possible device that the team’s using, from iPad, iPhone to web browsers and MacOS application.

Slack has that essential, playful magic so desperately missing from its competition. Heartily recommended.

Our experience with Slack at inspiLab so far has been outstandingly positive. We used to heavily rely on Skype for team communications and while we still use Skype to communicate with our clients, Slack has been helping us in increasing the productivity of our development team.
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